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Personalized AI decision making tool for cryptocurrency portfolio management.




  • Worldwide AUM in Investment Advisor Industry: $85T

  • Annual revenue in the US advising industry: $39B

  • Number of accounts one of major Registered Investment Advisors in the US has under its management as of Q4, 2018: 69.2M


  • $2 billion is a dollar amount investors claim in losses in a typical year due to their financial advisor’s malfeasance or fraud.



Note: 75% of global trading has been automated with algorithms. We offer to change investment advising industry with an AI-Avatar “Equilibrium”.

Equilibrium - is a personalized decision-making software tool for efficient portfolio management.

History: For the last hundred years Global Economy suffered from thirty financial crisis. In 2008 during the mortgage crisis, it was clearly defined the phenomenon called financial contagion.

Our goal, with utilizing Artificial Intelligence tools, Blockchain solutions and with relying on behavioral finance metrics - to initiate reverse (positive) contagion, or simply fix the spread of market disturbances.

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(i) Product integration:

  • Independent platform - B2C;

  • Crypto Exchanges - B2B;

  • Wallets - B2B; 

  • RIA platforms integrations - B2B;  

  • Avatar acquisitions by RIAs -  C2B;

  • Avatars exchange - C2C; 

  • Wealth managers - B2B2C.

(ii) User data collection:

  • AML / KYC application;

  • AML / KYC screening.

After approval:

  • Personality Test;

  • Investment approach and EQ test; 

  • Emotional Edge Analysis - Basic Needs Coefficients;

  • Personalized Risk / Reward Ratio metrics.

(iii) Strategies match according to dual-specifications:

  • Global Macro

  • Long/Short

  • Short Only

  • Credit funds

  • Arbitrage

  • Multi-Strategy

  • ICO

  • VC

  • Crypto Debt

(iv) Avatar connection (pre-launch):

  • Input API keys on our platform;

  • Internal API keys connection to the calibrated avatar;

  • Trouble shoot on avatar actions during a stress market situations and potential flash crashes. 

  • Strategy connectivity issues;

  • Strategy debugging;

  • Avatar relaunch. 


(v) Avatar analyzes 4 sets of data:

  • Fundamental;

  • Technical; 

  • Quantitative;

  • Behavioral.

(vi) Equilibrium executes trades and manages portfolio based on:

  • Petabytes of market data is taken into the count; 

    (Macro, Industry, Sectoral); 

  • User after calibration specifications applied;

  • Strategy specifications applied;

  • Prior Defined Risk Reward / Ratio metrics included; 

  • Internal and External Crossing with 1000+ indicators calculated; 

  • Timing Applied;

  • Linking facts, prioritizing;

  • Confirmation of facts, rational prioritizing judgements;

  • Elimination of potential “Confirmation Bias” Risks / Bugs.

(vii) Outcome:

  • Improved user portfolio results;

  • Decreased level of market manipulation;

  • Decreased level of confirmation bias - full elimination of irrational results based on emotional decision making process;

  • Reverse positive effect for global financial contagion.


  • Pocket wallets integration on the platform;

  • After the AML/KYC and registration passed: unique wallet address will be assign to the user for payments;

  • Monthly subscription model $99 or % per month;

  • Payments accepted in BTC, fiat currencies converted to BTC based on Stripe conversion rate and script.

  • Since BTC is not designed for subscription based business model - if no payment - avatar will be banned.



  • May 2017 - Idea setup;

  • June 2017 - CCC founded;

  • Sep 2017 - Partnership with TSI Analytics Inc starts;

  • Oct 2017 - Cryptocurrency Fund L.P. - launched;

  • Jun 2018 - First Investors On-boarded;

  • Jul 2018 - Beta Portfolio Analytics Launched;

  • Aug 2018 - Offshore - American Crypto Fund Set up;

  • Fall 2018 - Venture Capital Fundraising;

  • Jan 2019 - App-Based Portfolio Construction Launch;

  • May 2019 - AI-avatar Pre-Alpha launch;

  • Aug 2019 - AI avatar Alpha launch;

  • Dec 2019 - AI avatar Beta launch

  • Jan 2020 - Product Improvements

  • Mar 2020 - Product Release

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Paul Savchuk

Chief Executive Officer


Tymofii Melnyk

Investor Relations


Ahad Bheda

Head of Research


Dmitriy Osadchyi

Business Developer


Arham Bheda

Business Analyst

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Daria Zhyla

Brand Strategy



$99 / month

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Once the global “greed” or “poverty” problems solved and AI-avatars show positive balance on the long-term in finance - it will be transmitted to the daily task decision making process. Improvements in two crucial assets humanity has:

  • Time 

  • Human Personal Value

Time - Creating perfect work / life balance. 

Human Present Value - defining logical proven disposition on early stages in career path of each individual and saving his time on life path uncertainty.* 

After satisfying physiological, safety, love, esteem needs - our final need or goal is to improve ourselves with bringing a value to humanity.

To solve a global issue - is a significant value.

According to Wikipedia there are 10 global issues we should be aware of: 

Food Security, Inclusive growth, Future of work, Climate change, Global financial crisis, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Gender equality, Global trade and Investment frameworks, Long-term investment strategy, Future of Healthcare

To add, the 11th preceding global issue is human inefficiency. Once it is solved other ones will be solved within a couple decades.  

*Note: avg. person has 12 jobs per life and spends:

  1. 6302 days - on education 

  2. 300 days - on job search

  3. (III) 600 days - on 10 attempts if doing your own business



How much time do you spend on and between?

  • Work 

  • Family 

  • Bringing Value


How much money do actually need to “meet” all your needs?

  • Self Actualization;

  • Esteem;

  • Love;

  • Safety;

  • Physiological.


How much money does one hour of your life cost?

  • At work

  • With family

  • For routine actions / tasks


Metrics everyone keeps or should keep in mind: 

  • $ = ?

  • T = ?

  • Personal Present Value = ?


How do you control take control over assets below?

  • $ = FGHR (4 emotions)

  • t = Occupation 

  • HPV = Integrity 


  • Efficient decentralized distribution of wealth

  • Efficient Work / Life balance

  • Resolved Global Issues