Company Profile

Cryptocurrency Capital LLC (CCC) is a US-based holding and research company that analyzes cryptocurrency markets and operates pooled investment fund: Cryptocurrency Fund L.P. Our proprietary token selection process enables us to find “blue chips” on crypto markets and distribute reports based on this data.

On a daily/weekly basis our team will distribute both Technical and Fundamental analytical reports. Our main focus is on research of utility tokens as commodities. As of today we are tracking 50 utility tokens that were selected among 1400 cryptocurrencies. Since we trade on these markets, coin reports are applicable to use on a real time basis and can be used by both individual and institutional investors. We provide in-depth quantamental analysis to subscribers by processing data from numerous sources. Instead of checking multiple websites - you will get access to our aggregated analytical platform that was created by traders, not just analysts.

In addition, Cryptocurrency Fund L.P. (our subsidiary company), one of the first ever blockchain-oriented hedge funds in the US, is partnering with TSI Analytics Inc. and will be using the Tradis platform to improve analysis on a daily basis. With this approach our subscribers will get everything in one place without spending additional time or money. The goal of developing and running this platform is simple - clarity for investors / market participants. With more information you will lower the chance to accumulate "scam" tokens in your portfolio and become aware of potential "pump and dump" schemes that can lead to total loss.